Sample Research Projects:

A. Wind Farm Layout Studies:


Large eddy simulation of large wind-farm with JHU-LES code (for details, see R. Stevens et al., 2014, JSRE 6, 023105). Visualization courtesy of D. Bock (Extended Services XSEDE).

  1. Improved models for offshore wind farm fluid dynamics to maximize resource usage, Richard Stevens, Dennice Gayme, Charles Meneveau
  2.  Determining optimal turbine spacing in very large onshore and offshore wind farms, R. Stevens, B. Hobbs, A. Ramos & C. Meneveau (link to paper:
  3. Computational studies of spatio-temporal fluctuations, Michael Wilzcek, Richard Stevens & Charles Meneveau (link to paper:
  4. Wind tunnel experimental studies of large wind farms, Juliaan Bossuyt, Michael Howland, Charles Meneveau, Johan Meyers

Contact person for this research thrust:

Charles Meneveau
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Johns Hopkins University
[email protected]


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